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Me and Bruce

"Hey, Janet and Bruce here, the loving couple of over 20 years, with an AMAZING sex life. How did it get this good? Where we just born with it? Of course not.."

"We learnt it!"

"Whether it be Tantric Sex, Neotantra Sex, or so many of the other techniques widely talked about - none worked. They did nothing for us, and trust me, we tried 'em all. We had good sex sure, but could it have been better? Definitely. "

"So what did we do?"

"We where traveling Bulgaria (check the picture to the right, cute huh!) and one morning Bruce woke up and visited a small sex shop he'd found in the city centre. "

"That's right, I went to this small, tucked away shop and told the clerk straight - "I need to make my wife squirt!". He smiled and replied "Well you've come to the right place". We got talking and it turned out he'd spent his life as a sex therapist before opening his own shop, and soon, I had all the information I needed."

"That night Bruce surprised me. I came home after a walk around the beaches to find in our room - lit candles, jazz music, and a fully naked Bruce! I knew something was different, just the confidence in Bruce's eyes, and in the next 4 hours, he showed me how much he'd learnt through techniques I never knew existed."

"I made her moan in way's I never knew a woman could. And after I found the legendary         "S-Spot", she made her way into squirting heaven!"

"For the first time in my life, I squirted all over the place. The sheets where dripping, and Bruce had to ask for extra towels at reception the next morning because we literally drenched the other three. That night I had some of the best sex of my life, and it's only gotten better since."

What's The Secret?!

The secret is in the "S-Spot". We've all heard of the "G-Spot" which is great for giving orgasms, but what about the part of the vagina that releases the ejaculatory fluid? The S-Spot is the G-Spot's sexy forgotten sister that rarely gets the attention she deserves - today's the day to change that.

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